Dear Brothers, Sisters and Everyone else,

Below is my Opinion on what I think will solve many of our country’s problems. I am writing this to get the ball rolling. In future we will be presenting you Views of India’s respected Intellectuals who are for better future and are working towards it. We want to bring you their word and what they feel is important for us as Indians in today’s society as well as into the future.

Corruption is the root cause and major obstacle for overall real development of India and empowerment of Indians has to happen at Grassroots level to get rid of it. If we keep on waiting for corruption to go away, fight alone or not do anything, it is not going to go away. If some of us stop paying bribes or stop falling for personal benefits and favoritism, we will still face trouble and we have to become corrupt in some way at some point in life. This way it will take forever to get rid of it.

We can do better and be more effective as groups of Individuals, formed locally all over India, which randomly pick and choose a corrupt officer and sting him or her. If we continue to do this on sustained basis, corruption will go down over time. This has advantages over an individual or small group of 2-3 individuals because very small groups and individual efforts may abruptly stop due to change of mind or work. This kind of discrepancy can be overcome in larger groups by numbers.

This is only possible by NGO’s and Social Organizations fighting against corruption among several things. They should build more local groups and keep them connected and informed all the time. If we just continue to protest in Cities and big Towns alone, it is not sufficient. Even at this level there are no or not enough subgroups localized at Ward level, hence more such groups are needed. If we cannot unite people together and efficiently organize a locally sustaining movement or continuous fight against Corruption or any other issue for that matter, it will be a painfully slow process and may take generations before we can see some change at grassroots level. Independent efforts are no less either and cannot be discounted, we need more independent activists as well who can join the group effort if desired. Group efforts are always effective and preferred way of Social Activism.

I think this is the most Important thing Indians as one Nation should start doing right away. However small the effort is, once it gets started, there is no question of dying down as everybody involved will ultimately benefit from their actions in due course. This one act will start a chain effect and benefits trickle down and shower upon us in no time.

Please think of your Future, your Kid’s Future & Our Future. If more of us become more socially responsible and get into action within our means, happy days are not far away.

Jai Hind.

Yours Sincerely,
Nanda Ravi.
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