is a website there to spread the words of Wisdom and social awareness. If you have something, you feel is Important and can solve one or many of the problems Indians and India face everyday, please send your Opinion in.

We are looking to address problems we face as a society. We cannot address every Individual’s personal problems here. There are immediate ways and means in place. If you are in Trouble please contact your local law enforcement authority or go to the nearest hospital if you are physically hurt. Quickly look for help around you. We are very sorry for not being able to help you, our vision is to get there, where there is someone around when someone is in trouble. Let’s hope that it will not be longer before peace and good prevail in society where there are less day to day problems to deal with.

Please email your contributions to ‘mailbox @‘ we will publish them under your name on this website. If you prefer to be anonymous, please let us know in your email.